more early 19th century Isaacs families #usa


Dear Early American Siggers
I am continuing to search through the censuses for my great great
great grandfather whom I conjecture was named 'Jonah ISAACS'. I have found one
early 19th century Jonah ISAACS who is listed in the 1850 census as living in
Mt. Morris, Livingston Co., NY.
This started me looking for more ISAACS people in that neighborhood
and I found a slightly older person, a John ISAACS living in nearby Seneca
Falls, NY and reported in the censuses of 1820 and 1830.
The scarcity of Jonah's in the old censuses made me think that maybe
a Litvak named 'Yeyne' as my ggg grandfather apparently was (his daughter's
patronymic is Jonawa) could have anglicized his name to 'John'. So I broadened
my search to look for 'John ISAACS' in the censuses.
I found several but one is particularly good candidate to be my
ggg grandfather. In the 1850 census there is a 'Jno ISAACS' aged 48 living in
Sacramento, California. Unlike the Finger Lakes ISAACs whose birthplaces are
given as England, he is listed as being born in Poland! Furthermore he is living
with a Moses ISAACS,32, and a Harris ISAACS, 27.
Now my gg grandmother, the daughter of the man I am searching for,
had three sons, two of which were named Morris (for Meyshe) ISAACS and Harris
ISAACS. It strikes me that they could have been named for their Sacramento
Perhaps, I should confess that I have another, less rational basis
for thinking that Jno ISAACS of Sacromento may be my ancestor. My grandfather
was a hardworking tailor who seldom ventured far >from New York. Yet during WW
I he made a rare trip to the West Coast. He made a point of stopping in
Sacramento and later advocated that the family business be moved there. No one else
was convinced and we stayed in Brooklyn but maybe he was fascinated my family
memories of Gold Rush days in Old California. Regards,

Charles Nydorf NYC

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