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Dear Belarus SIG,

I am looking for any missing information at all about my father's maternal
side of his family who had roots in Belarus and/or Riga.

Married to Myer SHIEL, my grandmother's name was Rachel (Ray) SILVER, born
in 1896. Rachel came to live in London, England, in 1912 >from either Riga
or >from somewhere to the south of Riga. One of her brothers Solomon (Solly)
also emigrated to London, but her other brother, Mendel, stayed behind. I
do not have any further information about Mendel but he may have been

Rachel's mother Malka ("Milly", "Bobby") SILVER died in London in 1933.
Malka's father's first name may have been Gothlif, and he may have had
connections with the town called Chashnik. Malka had 5 siblings (Isaac,
Balia, Boris, Tzaudic, and Kalia). I do not have any further information
about Malka or Gothlif.

Malka was married to Bernard Lewis SILVER. Bernard's surname was originally
SVIDLER or SVIDLERS. Bernard was a Rabbi, he had Siddurs published in
London and in 1912 lived in Beaumont Square, Mile End, London, where Bernard
died aged 58 in 1915.

Bernard's father's Hebrew first and/or middle names may have been Yehuda,
Leib, Bar, Beryl or Moshe. Bernard's parents may have been very religous
and they may have been born and lived in the Belarus region, or Riga or

Bernard had at least 2 other siblings, one of which I know nothing about,
but the other was a brother called Shmuel, Sam or Solomon SVIDLERS, who also
came to live in London >from Riga and died between 1935-1940 in either Riga
or east London. Shmuel was married and had at least 2 children, one of
which was Mona, who returned to Riga in/after 1939 to be with the rest of
her family.

I do have some photos but this is all the information I have - we do not
know what happened next, whether they perished or if anybody survived the
Shoah. I would like to find more information about the family background ie
where and who they were before their time in Riga, and believe there is some
connection with Minsk, Vilna, Vitebsk and the Pale of Settlement areas.

If anybody has any information that could help in any way, please email me.

B. Shiel (email: blspabas@...)

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