Belarus SIG #Belarus Introducing new coordinators for Belarus SIG #belarus


Dear Belarus SIG,

In a moment of strength, weakness, or naivete at the
2006 NYC conference, we volunteered to become Belarus
SIG co-coordinators. Since mid-October, we've been
slowly transitioning into our new role with the help
of the JewishGen transition team, past Belarus SIG
leaders, and current SIG volunteers. This has been
quite an education and our appreciation for those who
have gone before us grows every day!

What does a SIG coordinator do? According to
JewishGen, a Coordinator "is responsible for
overseeing all of the Group's activities including
direct supervision of such key volunteers as the
Research Coordinator, Webmaster, and Newsletter
Editor..., and ensuring that the Group's activities
are carried out in compliance with the guidelines and
procedures that JewishGen has establish for such

We look forward to working with the Belarus SIG
Research Coordinator Suzanne Waxman, the new SIG
Webmaster Kevin Hanit, Database Coordinator Adar
Belinkoff, and our Newsletter Editor Fran Bock, to
further the goals of the SIG.

What are our immediate goals?

1) Learn about all research projects being undertaken
by the SIG

2) Evaluate the SIG web site and determine what
updates are needed

3) Help our SIG email list moderator retire >from the
job (more about this soon)

Longer term, our overall goals are to help the SIG
identify and address research needs, and share
information about Jewish genealogy research in or
pertaining to Belarus. We will send out updates as we
come up to speed.

If you are a research project leader and want our
attention sooner rather than later (we plan on being
in touch eventually with all the project leaders), if
you have ideas for new research projects, if you have
suggestions for the web site, or specific questions
about SIG management, please send your email messages
to: belarus.sig@... (do not use this email
address for anything that normally goes to the SIG

Please remember, we too are volunteers. We have jobs,
we have families. We will be as responsive as we can.

Looking forward to working with you,

Sharon Fingold and David Feldman

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