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My grandfathe was in the Russian Calvary. I do not know what year/s... but
since he came to the US in 1900 I would think it was the late 1800s. Is
there any way to obtain names from
a List of those who were in the Calvary about that time?

He lived in Molodetchna (then Russia) near Minsk or Vilnius. Would
appreciate any/all help on this matter.
Thank you.
Maxine Potchinsky Braslow
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researching: SARETSKY/ZARETSKY Molodetchno Belarsu
SALTSBERG/ZALTSBERG Josvainani, Lithuania
MERLING Bokawina
KLEIN Bereg Monkacs,Romania
LISHNOV/LISHNOFF Korsun-Schevonosky
BASILOVSKI/ Korsun -Schevonosky

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