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Need synopsis of a document >from Belarus written in Spanish
This Spring a relative (who was born in Domachevo and left when he was 9)
revisited Domachevo. He came back with many pages in Russian pertaining to
the town. When WW2 ended, Stalin ordered every town in Russia to write a
report of what happened to the town while the Nazis were there and who was
killed etc. He came back with those reports but they are in Russian. It's
not Old Russian but I can't translate it. I do have all the pages on a CD.
Could someone read it and tell me what it says?
The other pages that he brought back and sent to me was about 40+ pages of
a book written by a Domachevo survivor. It tells the entire history of Domachevo, plus the
war years, etc.It has many names in it. It was in Russian. I told him I
couldn't read Russian so he said he'd get it translated for me. I received
the translation a few weeks ago but it's in Spanish.I can't read Spanish
either. I'm going to put the pages on a CD in tiff. form. Could someone
read it (and not
translate it) and just give me the gist of the contents if I sent them the
CD? Tell me what it says about the names mentioned?

Thank you,,
Joyce Oshrin
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