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Dear Genners:
I am interested in hearing >from persons whose
ancestors, like mine, emigrated to the USA >from the
shtetl Kapyl (Kapule)located near Slutsk---especially
those who emigrated to Sioux City, Iowa. There was a
large Kapule community there in the early and mid
1900s and even a Kapule schule. My grandfather, Avram
SHAPIRO was a Hebrew teacher there. I have contacted
several people listed in the shtetl finder for Kapyl,
but none had information. The Slutsk Yizkor Book has
chapters on Kapule, but they don't cover the late
1800s-early 1900s. Purpose of my inquiry is to
determine if anyone has any documents, photos, etc.
pertaining to the shtetl that they would be willing to
share, or similar material re the Sioux City Kapule
immigrant community. I have an audio tape of my late
mother describing what it was like growing up in
Kapule in the early 1900s. I also have a copy of the
history of the Jewish community of Sioux City
published by the Jewish Federation there many years
Hal Stein
Sacramento, CA
Seeking: SHAPIRO and ELIN, Kapule and environs;
SMOSCOWITZ, Riga and Griva, Latvia.

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