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Jenni Buch

For Brisker ( Brest Belarus) descendants, especially those descendants in
Argentina, I am pleased to announce that the 30th Anniversary Book issued by
the Brest Society in Buenos Aires in 1953 is now online at:
this book was published on the 30th Anniversary of the Brest Society in
Argentina - many of the early Brest immigrants were escaping persecution and
repression, firstly >from the Tsarist Russian regime and then >from the
reactionary New Polish republic that assumed sovereignty in 1921.
Many of the articles are of a left wing 'revolutionary'/socialist/ Bundist
nature - these were the people that were forced to flee because of their
political convictions and the severe lack of economic opportunites and
unemployment of the 1920s...
We did not scan the photos in this book as they are mostly very poor
quality, and many of the images are replicated in the major Brest/Brisk
D'lita Yizkor Book:
The last 2 chapters are names of advertisements by sponsors and donors >from
the local Jewish Argentinian community that funded the publication of this
book - we have not translated these.
Many thanks to Joyce Field and Lance Ackerfield for their assistance
Jenni Buch
Brest and District research


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