Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: French family of Belorussian(?) origin -- Help with Yiddish translation #belarus

edward steiner <nedsteiner@...>

This message (see link below), which I believe is in
Yiddish, was written on the back of a picture of my
g-g-grandparents Moshe and Sarah (LERAVISKY) VOLINSKI.
The picture gives an address in Paris and, my guess,
was taken ca. 1910.

I believe that one or both of my g-g-grandparents
were >from Minsk, maybe Borisov. (Supposed relatives,
the LACOV, were >from that region).

Their daughter Eliena/Helene, my g-grandmother, was
born in Paris in 1892. She later immigrated to the
U.S. where she married my ggrandfather Louis GOLDBERG
(in 1911).

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in
translating this message, and in learning more about
these families.

Please reply privately.

Edward Steiner
Washington DC


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