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Deena Berton <deenahome@...>

I am looking for guidance on how to find living relatives in the Bobruisk
area. I'm happy to hire researchers but I'm not aware of what more recent
resources exist for the area.

I am hoping to find the descendents of my grandmother's aunt. When I started
my research over 15 years ago, all I knew was that her first name was Nesya
and that she had children.

After many years finding only scraps of information, I had a breakthrough
thanks to the American Red Cross, the Belorussian Red Cross, and the
Bobruisk archives.

They found a 1976 will for my grandmother's aunt Nesya SLEPAK nee
KOLTOFF/KOLTUV. She died in Feb 1976 and her daughter Maria "Masha"
Ilinichna SHAPIRO nee SLEPAK inherited property >from her at 11 Raskova Lane,

Masha sold this property in May 1976 at which time she lived at 39 Bakharov
St, Apt 2, Bobruisk. However, the people at this address now do not know of

I know Masha had a daughter Ira SHAPIRO and I think Ira had a son Edick
(last name unknown).

Any advice on how to find these people or their descendents would be

Please respond privately.
Deena Berton

Ps - The property was sold to Izia Samuilovich KHAIKIN who lived at 73
October St, [Bobruisk]. To the best of my knowledge he is not related and I
have no other information on him.

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