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Eilat Gordin Levitan

On 3/10/07, Bill Yoffee <> wrote:

My mother was born in Dolginovo (Dalhinif) in 1902 and her family emigrated
in 1907. ....the town was in Vilna Gubernia. Shortly thereafter, the boundary was relocated to incorporate the town in Minsk Gubernia, which she always claimed as the area >from which she came. Where would I most likely find their birth and family records?
Dear Bill,
It is very interesting that your mother claimed to be >from the Minsk
Gubernia. My grandfather; Meir Gurevitz/ Alperovitz who was born in
the area in 1901 and my grandmother Bela nee Shulman who was born in
the area in 1904 always said the they were >from the Vilna Gubernia,
Poland. It must be because They left the area much later then your
mother, they left in the early 1920s'. Between 1920 and 1939 Dolginovo
was part of the Vilna Gubernia which included the city of Vilna and it
was all Poland.
I created a site for Dolhinov/ Dolginovo, with many pictures and much
information and lists which has some of the last names you are
Would love to include your family pictures and information in the site.

Eilat Gordin Levitan
Los Angeles

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