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Fran Bock

Dear Fellow Genners,

Thanks to the database created by Steve Lasky of burials for Minsker
societies in NY and NJ (
I have been able to locate the graves of several long-lost relatives.

Steve thought the following statistics, giving the number of burials for the
combined plots for each Minsker society, might be useful.

The date of establishment/incorporation of the society, when that info is
available, is given in parentheses. The twenty societies are listed below,
from highest number of burials to least.
For many societies, of course, the numbers may be off a bit, as there are
usually a number of gravestones that cannot be read and are not listed on
his Minsker database, and thus not counted among the total. Here goes:

Minsker Independent Old Men's Benevolent Society (1912)...three plots and
3,299 burials
Minsker Independent Benevolent Association (1892)...four plots and 2,405
United Minsker Benevolent Association (1903-4)...three plots and 1,554
Congregation (Chebra) Chai Odom Anshe Minsk (1880-5)...five plots and 1,187
American Benevolent Minsker Association (1900)...three plots and 1,036
Minsker Young Friends Benevolent Association (1905)...three plots and 978
Minsker Ladies Benevolent Society (1895)...two plots and 357 burials
Minsker Unt. Verein of plot and 290 burials
Minsker Young Men's Commercial Aid plot and 247 burials
United Minsker Society of Brownsville (1917)...two plots and 198 burials
Chevra Ahavath Achim Anshe Minsk*...two plots and 136 burials
First Minsker Young Men's Society of plot and 135 burials
Minsker Benos Israel Ladies Society (1898) plot and 84 burials
Minsker Brotherly Love Benevolent plot and 84 burials
United Minsker of Brownsville (1905) plot and 83 burials
Novo-Minsker Progressive Society (1921) plot and 77 burials
Ahavas Chesed Anshe plot and 66 burials
Minsker Daughters of Israel Association (1899) plot and 57 burials
Minsker Hebrew Ehren Progressive plot and 43 burials
Independent Minsker Brothers Society (1900) plot and 40 burials

All thirty-eight Minsker society plots are located in New York except for
one small plot located at Beth Israel Cemetery in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

* Realize that the society names shown above could easily have been changed
over the years since the establishment of societies that first purchased the

plot. The society may have just changed its name, or may have merged or been

absorbed by another (and maybe then another one after that.) For example,
there are two plots at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY that are both
identified as belonging to the Chevra Ahavath Achim Anshe Minsk, the first
burials being in approximately 1893. However, this was not the name of
society that originally owned the two plots. The society plots (both of
them) both began as Poel Zedek Anshe Minsk, then changed to the Minsker
Hebrew Benevolent Association. The society plot was next owned by the Mosaic

Benevolent Society, and finally the plots were owned by Chevra Ahavath Achim

Anshe Minsk. Again, the change in plot ownership could be between totally
different societies or they might have been the same society that simply
changed its name.

Steve hopes this information will be helpful to us. Now you can see the
scope of the Minsker landsmanshaftn and synagogue society burial plots in
New York and New Jersey and perhaps surmise that the societies with the
highest number of burials had the highest membership over time.

Frances A. Bock, Ph.D.
Editor, Belarus SIG Newsletter

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