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Perets Mett <p.mett@...>

Annette Stolberg wrote:
My mother's Hebrew name was Brana
When I read my parents' Ketubah, her
name was spelled as Brayna, which would have been her Yiddish
name. The Polish Given Names Database translated the name as "brown"
and appeared as Middle High German for "brown". My mother's name in
English was Bertha, which is the name that appears as the US name
for Brayna.

My mother claimed that her father was in the Prussian Army, but I
have papers that show he was in the Czar's army. Another claim was
made that the family came >from some part of Germany, or Prussia, but
it appears that they lived in the part of Poland that became the

The name which is spelled Brayna would be pronounced Brana by Jews >from
East Galicia (Ukraine).
So mother was indeed right about her name.

Perets Mett

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