Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Zelig,Selig,Zelik?? #belarus

Carlos Glikson

Les Evenchick asked
Are there any other names, Russian,Yiddish,English associated with Zelig.
And what is the origin of the name.
It was the name of my gggfather in Koidanov, Minsk Oblast.
Les, there is a specific resource in JewishGen that you´ll probably find
useful in these cases in general, and in this one in particular.

You may want to visit
Databases >
Jewish Given Names Database (last one under "Eastern Europe")
for Prof. Jerry Esterson's GIVEN NAMES DATA BASES

The home page for the GNDB:
ends saying that the names' data bases compiled in this ongoing project
"allow genealogists to discover all of the alternative Jewish and vernacular
names which an ancestor may have used in Europe and in his new country of

Even if your gggfather never left Koidanov, you will find specific
information for Belarus about Zelig and variants on their own, and also
connected to other names (such as my great uncle's Osher).

The search page is:
but first you may wish to go over some information for the best use of this
powerful tool. You'll find methodology and definitions info linked >from the
GNDB's Home Page, and you can also take advantage of the abundant material
on names also linked from

You may also want to get acquainted with this substantial resource for other
names you may wonder about in the future.

Best wishes,

Carlos Glikson

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