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I think we must also include the possibility of conversions to Judiasm and
the non-Jewish surnames. This is something that Beider didn't include. Let
me give you an example:
My original family name was Latucha, which is not found in any list of
Jewish surnames. Research that I have done seems to indicate that the
original patriach, whose name was Yishiah (adopted name I am sure) converted
to Judiasm around the late 1700(1780-1790). Some members of my family who
came to Canada circa 1910, now call themselves Latowski. Members who went to
Israel call themselves Ben Yishai (son of Yishiah). My paternal grandfather
had his name changed by the pursor on the steamship >from Latucha to GAM,
which was his wife's maiden name. Gimmel, Aleph, Mem, an acronym for Govah
Medina, a tax collector.
Now, isn't that a real mish-mush? And it certainly doesn't follow any
distinct pattern or path described by Beider.
Just my 2 cents worth.
Larry Gaum (Latucha)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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