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Hello genners:
I am looking for more information for the following surname(s): GYLET,

I found an exact match on the "Family Tree of the Jewish People" database
where Jeremiah and Joseph GILLET (my 9th great-grandfather) are brothers,
but my email to JewishGen ID# 46584 has gone unanswered.

1. Jacque De Gylet (b.1549) Bergerac, Guyenne, France
sp: Jeanne Mestre (b.1552) Spitalfields London, England
2. Richard Gylett (d.1600) Devonshire, England
sp: Joan Enberg (b.1555;m.1576) Chaffcombe, Somerset, England
3. Willem Gylette (b.1574;d.1641) Of Chaffcombe, Somerset, England
sp: Mrs. William Gylette (b.1578;m.1604;d.1681) Of Chaffcombe, Somerset,
4. Jonathan Gilett (b.1609;d.1677) Chaffcombe, Somerset, England
sp: Mary (Dolbere) Dolbiar (b.1607;m.1634;d.1686) Colyton, Devon, England

Children of Jonathan Gilet and Mary (Dolbere) Dolbiar's born in Windsor,
Hartford Ct. USA
Jonathan GILLETT Born: 1634 Died: 1708
Cornelius GILLETT Born: 1636 Died: 1711
Mary GILLETT Born: 1636 Died: 1719
Hannah GILLETT Born: 1639 Died: 1711
***Joseph GILLETT Born: 1641 Died: 1675 (my 9th great-grandfather)
Samuel G. GILLETT Born: 1642/1643 Died: 1676
John GILLETT Born: 1644 Died: 1682
Abigail GILLETT Born: 1646 Died: 1648/1649
**Jeremiah GILLET Born: 1647/1648 Died: 1692/1693
Josiah GILLETT Born: 1650 Died: 1736

**Children of Jeremiah GILLET and Deborah BARTLETT b. 1666 d. 1753 in
Hartford, Ct.
Deborah GILLET Born: 6 Aug 1686, Died: 22 Apr 1693
Abigail GILLET Born: 21 Feb 1687, Died: 16 Feb 1689
Jeremiah GILLET Born: Abt 1688, Died: 21 Apr 1692
Milford GILLET Born: Abt 1690,
Rachel GILLET Born: Abt 1692, Died: 28 Jan 1768

5. ***Joseph GILLETT (b.1641;d.1675) Windsor, Connecticut
sp: Elizabeth Hawkes (b.1647;m.1663;d.1681) Windsor, Hartford,
6. Joseph GILLETT (b.1644;d.1745) Windsor, Connecticut
sp: Ester Gull (b.1665;m.1687;d.1691) Hadley, Hampshire, Massachussetts
7. Elizabeth GILLETT (b.1689;d.1753) Deerfield, Connecticut (my 7th
sp: Ebenezer Marsh (b.1687;m.1707;d.1747) Hatfield, Hampshire,

Anybody with a connection or further information into the history of these
people would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

Michael Weigel theweigels@... Goose Creek, SC (15 miles >from Charleston)

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