Searching for WISE, WIESSE, WIESE, etc. #usa

Lisa Robinson <lisa@...>

from Lisa D. Robinson, Tampa, Fl.
I am searching for information on my Jewish ancestors that came >from
Germany and France to Canada and later to America. I have been stopped
in my search as nothing was ever allowed to be written down. Don't ask
Don't tell has been the family motto.
My ancestors were 3 brothers by the last name Wiesse, Wiese, or the
anglicized version Wise. My grandfather was Lwarence M. Wise of St.
Joseph Mi. , his father was Vernon Wise of Duck Lake, Mi. or Eaton
Rapids Mi.DOB 7/30/1887 , was married to Pruda Mae Fuller of New york,
he died 1/4/1958 Tampa, Fl. , his father was Ambrose Wise died 3/26/1929
date of birht unknown. Ambrose was married to Adeline Davenport. This
is as far as I have gotten. These are the only people that I have found
so far.
If anyone has information please let me know. I am doing this for my
mother and her siblings as well as for all of their children and

Lisa D. Robinson , Tampa, FL.

IN the future, the last names of the people you are researching must be typed
in all capital letters suc as: Searching for WISE, WIESSE, WIESE, etc.

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