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I just joined the group. A part of my family is Jewish, and a part of
them emigrated to the States, nothing really original J

I have one specific problem with one of them, Samuel KOIRANSKY.
I found him on the Hamburg passengers list, where he is listed on the
Suevia, as =E2=80=9CState of Origin : USA, resident New York, profession
lawyer=E2=80=9D. He left, on 4th of December 1892, and arrived in Ellis
Island on December 20th. There he slightly changes the spelling and
becomes Samuel KORIANSKY, which is not a problem. He is a passenger
first class, but he becomes a "Ccitizen of Russia" and comes for
a protracted sojourn.

So now, the question is : was he Russian or American ? Was is possible
that he had two passports ? And how can I find ? Thanks a lot


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