Vienna research needed #austria-czech

Harvey Finberg <hjfinberg@...>

If anyone living in or visiting Vienna has time to do some research in
Lehnmann's Addressverzeichnis at either the Austrian National Library or
Gasometer (Stadt und Landesarchiv), I would appreciate the assistance. I
can reciprocate with research at the US National Archives, US Holocaust
Museum or US National Archives or we can discuss other terms.

Vera Finberg
Fairfax, VA
BONDY - Dolni Mesto/Lipnice, Vienna
FLUSS - Pribsylav & Polna, Czech Republic
THIEBEN- Rousinov/Rakovnik, Czech Republic
KOHNER - Vseruby, Czech Republic/Budapest/Vienna
STIEDRY - Golcuv Jenikov, Czech Republic
SYNEK - Mlada Vozice, Czech Republic

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