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David Feldman <david.feldman@...>

We are pleased to announce we have just put up over 700 death records from
Minsk into the All Belarus Database.

The original record book of the 1889 Minsk Death Records was found in a used
book store in Minsk, Belarus The book was purchased by Belarus SIG founder
and former coordinator, David Fox. He digitally photographed each page of
the book and sent the images to Vitaly Charny, a SIG volunteer, who
translated the Cyrillic portion of the record. The Czarist Jewish death
registers (as well as the birth, marriage, and divorces registers were
created by the official government rabbis in two copies. One copy was
provided to the government and the other was maintained by the Jewish
community. It was rumored that this 1889 death register was found in the
attic of a building under renovation. As with all Czarist era Jewish
metrical books, data was recorded in both Russian (Cyrillic) and Hebrew
(without vowels). The images that are linked to this file clearly indicate
that the data was kept in both languages. The Hebrew part of the records
were not translated. It should be pointed out the given names on the Hebrew
side may be different than the name recorded on the Russian side.

These death records include:
1. Surname and given name of the deceased
2. Father’s (of deceased) given name of deceased
3. Grandfather’s (of deceased) given name
4. Residence (for many entries, there are cities other then Minsk)
5. Date Buried in Gregorian calendar (day, month, year) and Hebrew calendar
(day and month)
6. Date of Death in Gregorian Gregorian calendar (day, month, year) and
Hebrew calendar (day and month)
7. Age at death
8. Cause of Death
9. Town (where death occurred)
10. Place Recorded (town where death was recorded)
11. Year (year death was recorded)
12. Record Number (consecutively number >from beginning of year by sex M
(male) or F (female).

Please note that if you click on the name of the person who died, you will
be able to view the image of the death record in the record book. Thanks to
Warren Blatt for formatting and creating the programming that allows users
to link to the actual image of the record.

David Feldman
Sharon Fingold
SIG Coordinators

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