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Members of the Belarus SIG with an interest in Nesvizh (Nyasvizh) are happy
to launch a new project involving the translation of 19th Century records for
Jewish families >from this town in present-day Belarus. In addition to being
the home of hundreds of Jewish families, the town has ties to many
surrounding towns, such as Horodia, Kleck, Baranovichi, Mir, Kapyl, and Lyakhovichi.

The first part of our project requires us to raise under $1800 US for
completion of one set of records. Once enough money has been raised, we can
contemplate additional projects.

To see a project description and contribute, go to the Belarus section of
the JewishGen-erosity page:

Scroll down, and you'll see an entry with a LIVE hyperlink called "Proposal
to Index Jewish Records of Nesvizh." That is where you can contribute.

Please consider contributing to this project whose results will be become
part of the All-Belarus Database on JewishGen. If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate to contact me privately.

With best wishes,

Steve Stein
Project coordinator for the "Nesvizh Jewish Records Index" project


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