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Dear researchers,
After spending a lot of time once and having private researcher in
Belarus I didn't have any progress concerning my DICKMAN's branch of
the family.

Two days ago I saw a marriage record in[latvmarriages
of my grandfather's brother (DIKMANN, Schmuila David) in Riga in 1910.

Though I have a copy of rabbinate record of this event in my home
archive, it is the first time I saw something concerning my family in

I wonder if this record can serve as a first step to find something
about the main object of my research - my ggrandfather (and father of
Schmuila David mentioned in the record).

There are some facts that probably complicate the research. Even his
name is a riddle. It appears in different ways in different documents:
Gregory / Girsh / Gersh / Greynum / Grevna. Another complication is
that children were born in different places (according to documents) -
Riga, Chashniki, Kholopenichi - and he was married several times.

I probably need to try to locate some specific records in Riga.
I already have an answer >from them >from 2004 that nothing retained.

I'll be glad to hear >from experienced researchers on the subject. My
questions are below:

1. The marriage record on the site doesn't have too much info. I have
a copy of a rabbinate record. If I'll send a request to archive should
I receive more info than I already have, e.g., groom's father name?

2. How to proceed >from this record of marriage of his son to find info
on Gregory?

3. In my request to Riga's archive in 2004 I asked about birth records
for three Gregory's children born in Riga in 1896, 1899, 1901 they
answered that nothing found. If I'll hire private researcher, is there
chance they will find more records in the same archives?

4. In "Riga Passport and Travel Documents Registration List 1900"
there is an interesting detail. Almost all DICKMANs in Riga are from
Chashniki, Lepel. One of them - DIKMANN, Grevna =96 can be the person I
am looking for.
How can I have more info around this record? To use an address in Riga
appeared in the list?

5. There is a record of marriage of DIKMANN, Grewno with MANEWITSCH,
Nechama 1884, that I need to check if it is related. If I find a local
citizen in Riga that can go and order the records, can it be more
effective and less costly?

Any advice will be appreciated.
Gary Dickman

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