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Herbert Lazerow

I would like to know if there were many households with the name REICHLINE.
Chasing a name like REICHLINE leaves you chasing many
variant spellings. An ancestor of mine married a Rakhlin in Nezhin
Ukraine in 1886. He was originally registered in Novo-Aleksandrovsk
uezd, which is not far >from Vitebsk, and I have seen the name spelled
Rakhlin, Raikhlin, Roklin, Roikhlin, Rokhlin. Alexander Beider in
his Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from the Russian Empire points out
that this is a matronymic for people who are children of Rakhel, and
specifies areas where it is particularly found, but none of them is
Vitebsk. Beider does give the spelling Reikhin, but not
Reichline. I do not recall seeing many Russian names ending with
-line; could that be an American spelling, or did you find it in a
Russian document?

Herbert Lazerow
U. of San Diego Law School, San Diego, CA

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