Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: [JPolesie] Jewish Polesie Meeting at the IAJGS/Chicago Conference #belarus

Itzhak Epstein

Genealogists with Jewish roots in Polesie will gather at 6:30 PM on
Monday August 18. Anybody with genealogical interests in the area
stretching >from the vicinity of Pinsk westward to the current Polish
border is welcome.

The gathering place will be identified on the conference's physical
bulletin board. >from there we will go out to dinner. Once in
Chicago, I will identify the most appropriate place to gather and the
best place to meet and eat.

If you can suggest an appropriate gathering place and/or a suitable
eating/meeting place, please contact me offlist.

I am uncertain about the opportunity to network similarly at the
Belarus luncheon on Thursday. If possible, we should follow up there
on the Monday meeting.

Itzhak Epstein New York, NY

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