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Ara Morenberg <amorenberg@...>

I have just discovered that when my great grandparents
(Max SCHERPER and Sophie LEVIN) and grandmother (Ida
SCHERPER)crossed the border in New Brunswick, Canada
on March 1, 1900, their destination was to my great
grandmother's brother, Morris (Movshe or Moses) LEVIN
and his wife Sophie (Sorah) SIEGEL's home at 118 E.
98th Street in Manhattan.

This is what I know so far:

Morris was born in Minsk (actually
Ostroshitskiy-Gorodok) in 1873. According to SSDI, his
DOB is listed as February 15, 1873 and he died in
January 1968 in Manhasset, New York. Morris LEVIN and
Sophie SIEGEL were married on July 29, 1893 in New
York. In 1900, they resided at 118 E. 98th Street.
Morris' occupation was listed as "painter" and he and
Sophie had 1 living son, Charles, who was 6 years old
at the time, so born in 1894. Two other children had
not lived at that point.

In 1910, Morris and Sophie resided at 25 E. 99th
Street. Morris' occupation was listed as "mason" and
he and Sophie had 3 children (8 pregnancies): Charles
age 16, Frances age 11, and George age 9. Morris'
mother, Rose, lived with them, having arrived in
October 1909 after the death of her husband Abram in
April of 1909. Sophie and the 3 children had gone over
to get Rose and actually returned on October 5, 1909
on the USS Kronprinzessin Cecilie with Rose and
Morris' brother, Philip (Faibish), who was born in

In 1920, Morris and Sophie resided at 245 Ridge (Road,
Drive or Street) in Richmond Hill in Queens. Morris'
occupation was listed as "builder" and he and Sophie
lived with Charles age 26 (a physician), Frances age
19, and George age 16. Sophie's widowed mother,
Frances "Fralka" Siegel, lived with them and came into
the US in 1913.

In 1930, Morris and Sophie resided at 11708 (or 11768)
114th Avenue in Ozone Park in Queens. Morris'
occupation was listed as "builder" and he and Sophie
lived with Frances age 29, a law student, and George
age 26, a law clerk. Sophie's widowed brother Ernest,
a machinist, also lived with them, having emigrated to
the US in 1888.

If I have chosen the right SSDI records, I believe
that Charles born 4 July 1894 (I have record of his
date of birth being stated as 3 June 1894 in Minsk in
1909) passed away in December 1973 in Manhasset, New
York, and I believe George born April 26, 1903 died in
July 1976 with a zip code of 10023 in New York. Also,
Charles Morris Levin's WWII Draft Registration stated
his occupation as physician and his address as 107-05
Lefferts Boulevard in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York.
His mother, Sophie, lived with him and was listed as
the person who would always know his address.

If anyone has any knowledge of this LEVIN-SIEGEL
family, please contact me privately. Your help is much

Ara Morenberg
Pembroke Pines, FL

Minsk, Ostroshitskiy-Gorodok: LEVIN, HERZOK, SIEGEL
Ushachi, Ulla, Beshenkowichi, Chashniki, Lepel,

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