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Several months ago, it was announced that members of the Belarus SIG with an
interest in Nesvizh (Nyasvizh) had launched a new project involving the
translation of 19th Century records for Jewish families >from this town in
present-day Belarus. In addition to being the home of hundreds of Jewish families,
the town has ties to many surrounding towns, such as Horodia, Kleck,
Baranovichi, Mir, Kapyl, and Lyakhovichi.

This project requires about $1800 to complete. The Belarus SIG has helped
cover the outlay for expenses while the group has been raising the money. To
date, we are within a couple of hundred dollars of our goal. In the meantime,
the initial work has been completed and the results forwarded to me as project
coordinator for review. More than 2700 entries have been translated. The
project cannot be completed until we finish raising the initial goal.

If you have a specific interest in Nesvizh, or a general interest in Minsk
Guberniya, and have not yet contributed to this project, please consider doing
so. Especially if we can see end-of-November financial results, we can
declare the initial project complete. Any funds raised beyond the goal for the
initial record set will be applied towards the incremental collections in
ensuing years beyond the one targeted by this project.

The results will eventually be distributed to the All Belarus Database and
made available irrespective of who contributed.

The project can be seen on on JewishGen-erosity by following the link to
Belarus SIG. It is entitled "Nesvizh Jewish Records" and you may read a more
complete description.

I will be happy to answer questions you may have about this project.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ USA

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