Belarus SIG #Belarus Seeking relatives WILENSKY or WILSON, Kasan, Vilna Gub. -> Hudson, N.Y. NY 1891 & 1897 #belarus


I am seeking relatives on my maternal gf side of the family about
whom I have either no info or with whom I have lost contact. I have already
searched and posted on JGFF, searched databases, visited known cemeteries

My ggf & ggm:
Selig WILENSKI or WILENSKY (later Saul WILSON), 1864 - 27 Oct 1923; father

Hoda EPSTEIN WILENSKY (later Hoda WILSON), 1865 21 Nov 1930; parents
Israel EPSTEIN & Sarah COHEN

My ggf, Selig WILENSKI, emigrated in 1891 >from Kasan (aka Kozyany), Disna Uzeyd,
Vilna Gubernia, Russia (now in Belarus near the border with Lithuania
My ggm Hoda EPSTEIN WILENSKY emigrated >from Kasan with their children
Nachama (Nina), Joseph, and Benjamin in 1897. I have no information about
any siblings for either Saul or Hoda.

After arrival, the family name was changed to WILSON and they settled initially
in Hudson, NY. They were in Hudson at least >from 1898 through the 1900
Federal Census. The youngest child, Esther, was born in Hudson. By 1910
the family was in NYC (Manhattan) and by 1920s and 1930s in the Bronx (Vyse

Saul & Hoda descendents include my gf (Joseph Wilson, 11 Oct 1889
-Mar1977) and:
Nina WILSON HERMAN, 6 Jan 1888 11 Jan 1919; m. Max HERMAN
Winifred HERMAN GREEN, born ca 1911; m. Harold J. GREEN
Gail Green (first name may be spelled differently; married name unknown.

Victor HERMAN, born in NYC ca 1918
Benjamin WILSON, 5 Mar 1891 Aug 1971; m. Lena
Howard M. WILSON, born in NYC ca 1915
Marvin WILSON, born in NYC ca 1919
Esther (aka Esta) WILSON MARWIT, 10 Sep 1898-Dec 1973; m. Solomon MARWIT
no children

Both Ben and Joe WILSON (my gf) were in the sweater business, sometimes as
salesmen or jobbers, and later as manufacturers in NYC.

Please contact me if you are related to anyone listed above. Thank you.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

Also Researching:
Radautz, Czernowitz and Zaleszczyki: LIEBROSS, WENKERT, WEINGART, ETT, BARATH

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