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Thomas Raskin <tjraskin@...>

I am looking for any information on the family of Barnet Louis FINKELSTEIN
(c. 1840-1914) a tailor of Kobryn who came to the US c. 1896 and lived
in Manhattan.
His parents are listed as Jacob (no surname) and Sarah Rubin on his death

By his first wife Anna Hirsch (c. 1840-18??) he had Sine Kaplan (1864?)
Ida Raskin (1868-1948) Joseph Finkelstein (1870-?) Jacob Finkelstein
(1875-?) and Ecy Finkelstein (1878-1966).
By his second wife Yetta (Ioche) Segal (c. 1860-1922) he had Gussie
Finkel(stein) (1893-1985) Lillie Beckelman (1895-1987) and Joseph
"Janus") Finkelstein (c 1903-?). Yetta had two daughters Hannah and Rose
by a previous marriage (they too took the Finkelstein surname).

The family name was said to have been PISTCHALSKY in Russia one of Barnet's
sons who came to the US earlier supposedly changed the name.

I recently came across two other Finkelstein families who underwent a similar
name change: the family of Moses Pishalsky (d. c. 1909) of Kobrin whose
children took the Finkelstein surname (>from a stepuncle) and Joseph
Finkelstein (c. 1909-?) of Kobrin and the Bronx whose name was originally
Piszczalski. He came with his parents and family about 1920. I have been
unable so far to learn more about these families.

A sister may have married into the Pantell/Pontoil family (who may have change
their name to Feinthal).

Thank you

Tom Raskin
North Brunswick, NJ

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