Re: Proposal for Early American Web Site #usa


Donn Devine wrote: <"My one concern, however, is your suggestion to broaden the
coverage to as late as 1910.">

I did not mean to extend that date. I was referring to any photographs or other
material on the web site, which I was suggesting should not extend beyond 1910.

Victoria Bennett wrote: <"This proposal sounds as if succesful it could advance
our understanding not only of Jewish history and identity in America but expose
the social conditions...">

I have 19th century-American photographs and other materials that I know would
make an academic drool and I suspect many other of you do too. One of my aims
in making this suggestion was to get that material out there, so that academics
may know what we have.

John Paul Lowens is quite right that "All the endorsements of well-meaning
proposals are meaningless without volunteers."

As he was at the Early American SIG meeting at the NY conference, perhaps he will
remember that I already have volunteered to be Web Leader of the Richmond, VA
site -- PROVIDED there is a Web Master who has the technical know-how to actually
put my Internet-ready material on site. [I am Web Leader of the SKALA site at
I work with a Web Master who is the tech-maven. I collect the material, restore
the photos, write the text, etc. and the Web Master puts it on-site.]

If there is anyone out there who will work with me as Web Master on the Richmond,
VA site, I will contact Susanna Bloch (head of Shtetlinks) and get started on
Richmond, so that it may serve as a template for the other Early-American Jewish

I also said that I would work on the MANHATTAN site, but that undoubtedly will
be massive and requires more thought before any luckless soul volunteers to head

I probably will get clobbered for this next suggestion: I always have felt that
the name SHTETLINKS is inappropriate, as the word SHTETL relates to European
towns. It does not fit Sefardim, Early Americans, and others whose ancestors
are not >from small European towns. Perhaps the site name should be changed to

Helene Kenvin Florida <>

MODERATOR NOTE: As per my message about the improved ( except for its unfortunate
name ) ShtetlSeeker, posted to the GerSIG Forum last week, I agree with Helene's
last point.

However, before picking a name it is necessary to find a volunteer webmaster
and project coordinator. JewishGen V.P. for Research Joyce Field has written
in support of this concept. Perhaps she might follow up with a list of steps
needed in order to start work on this proposal. JewishGen has guidelines
both procedural and technical which must be understood and followed.

John Paul Lowens, Suburban NYC, Acting EA SIG Forum Moderator

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