Belarus SIG #Belarus Need Hebrew-English Translation of Cousin's Memoirs Which Include Experiences Fighting with the Bielski Brothers in the Forests of Belarus, Russia #belarus

Miriam Klepper <bubbie04-06@...>

My Father's cousin who lives in Netanya, Israel recently sent me a CD of
his Memoirs in Microsoft Word format. He is the last living relative of
my Father's generation who experienced the Holocaust. Although I can
display the 51 page document in Hebrew in Microsoft Word 2002 on my
Windows XP PC, I would appreciate it if someone can translate the text.
I'd be willing to compensate the translator for his her/time.

Cousin Chaim was born in Lida, Belarus, the same town as my Father, and
a segment of the Memoirs deals with how Chaim, his parents, and sister
Raya escaped the first Nazi liquidation of Lida on May 8, 1942, and
ended up living with and fighting with the Bielski brothers in the
forests of Belarus. I was told that they also fought with other
partisans before making their way to Italy, where they got on a boat
headed for Israel as illegals in 1948, and wound up being exiled to
Cyprus by the British.

My late Father, who died in 1965, never spoke to my sister and myself
about the Holocaust, so my cousin's Memoirs would give me some sense of
what happened for the sake of our family's history. It is also important
to have the Memoirs translated as the last generation of living
Holocaust survivors is dying out who were witness to the horrors and
crimes of the Nazis. With all the Historical Revisionism surfacing
across the globe, it is important that documents like these be available
to counter the lies of those anti-Semites. After the document is
translated, I will make copies of the translation and give copies of the
Memoirs to the USS Holocaust Museum, USC Shoah Foundation Institute.
Please contact me privately, if you would like to translate this
important document for me, and tell me what you might charge. Thank you
for your kind attention.

Miriam J. Klepper
Delray Beach, FL, U.S.A.

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