Belarus SIG #Belarus Minsk Archives not accepting genealogical requests? #belarus

David R. Brill

A few weeks ago I sent a search request letter to the National Historical
Archives of Belarus in Minsk. I was disappointed to receive in reply an
e-mail >from the Director stating that the archive cannot accept my request
"in 2009, in connection with a large number of requests," along with an
admonition that "the execution of requests is not the main activity of the
archive." (I never said it was.) A somewhat Kafkaesque response, as it
leaves open the possibility that they may be able to accept it later. I am
wondering if others have had the same recent experience. Is this a new
policy of the NHAB, or is it truly a temporary response to a heavy backlog
of genealogical requests? I notice that the web page of the NHAB
( continues to list a schedule of fees
for genealogical services, so I am hopeful that it is the latter.

David R. Brill
Cherry Hill, NJ USA
Researching: BRIL' in Usvyaty, Vitsyebsk; ALEINIKOV in Shklow, Mahilyow

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