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Hi, I will be more than happy to help you all with Russian translations.
I have also downloaded 1872 to see what you have here. I can't say I find
it useful in my case, unfortunately, as I have no trace of our relatives
at all and it might take me some time to look through all the pages.
The language here is Russian, but it's "old Russian" we used to have in the
1800th cent. I don't think you will be able to translate it into English using
contemporary dictionaries. Luckily enough it's clear to me so far.
The letter heads of each page doesn't really show the town or any geographic
information listed, it gives you gubernya or uezd and lists of community
places: for example hospitals or churches, with the detailed description
such as employers/employees or so to say people who had worked there
in chief positions.
Quite interesting, but unfortunataly I need more information about Vitebsk.
Should you need help, you can let me know, though I am not a professional
translator/ interpreter :)

Dasha Block/Bloch
New York, NY USA

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