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You should look at where I have listed
the names of many people >from Gorodok who were shot at two sites in
1941. The name Abramis appears at both sites.
Their names were David, Anna Davidovna , Maria and an unknown Abramis.

Mike Glazer

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"Subject: Searching: ABRAMIS, Vitebsk/Minsk, Synagogue Closing Gorodok 1938
From: gman425@...
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 05:18:33 -0400
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I recently came across a list of Jewish residents of Gorodok who
signed the protocols on closing the local synagogues in 1938. Two of
the residents were Masha Movshevna Abramis and Hana Dovydovna Abramis.
My maternal great-grandmother's maiden name was Muska Abramis. As far
as I know,my maternal grandmother was >from the Vitebsk/Minsk
region,which is not far >from Gorodok. I have two questions.
1)What does signing the protocols mean? Did these people support
closing the synagogues?
2)Does anybody know if Muska was related to Masha and/or Hana?
Any information that can be provided,whether it helps in my
genealogical research or not,is greatly appreciated.
Gary Kass
New York
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