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I would appreciate a translation of the Russian text on the back of a family
photo, and possibly the identification of individuals in the photo.

The ViewMate link for the picture is:

The ViewMate link for the image of the Russian text on the back of the above
picture is:

Background Information: This picture was in the possession of an Iskow
cousin of mine. The picture is of an unidentified family. The picture is
dated 1922, which coincides with the date that Lottie Iskow and her 5
children (Joe, Dorothy, Bessie, Herman, Sol) arrived in America from
Mogilev, Russia. Chances are she brought this photo with her. Russian
family names that we know of are Iskow, Iskov, Dubow, Dubov, Alievsky, and

Larry Iskow
North Potomac, MD USA
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