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One hint here: If nothing turns up when you enter the original country
as Belarus, try Poland. I've found many listings there that were not
listed under Belarus.

Joy Weaver
Islip, NY USA

On 7/15/2010 5:52 PM, Carlos Glikson wrote:

Les Evenchick asked if "any compilation exists for variations on first

I would suggest consulting Prof. Jerry Esterson's extensively
documented JewishGiven Names Database under Databases in JewishGen:

Best wishes,

Carlos Glikson

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Does any compilation exist for variations on first names.?

For examples, I have ancestors and relatives named Abraham who were also
called Abram, Avrom, Avcei.

Joshua Yehoshua, Ovcei Samuel, Schmui Archie, Ochie Harry, Hirsh, Girsh

Les Evenchick
New Orleans, La

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