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Herbert Lazerow

Jonathan Adams wrote-

"I have found some of my grandfather's grammar school forms >from Grodno
in the late 1890s. On three different forms his name is listed as
"Joseph Naumovitch-Girshovitch Adunsky." This is the only place we
have seen the hyphenated patronymic. His father was Nahum; so was
Girsh (Hirsh) his grandfather? Was this a common naming convention at
the time?"

It is not possible to be sure >from the Russian version. Absent other
information, I would assume that the father's full name was Naum-Girsh.
But I have metrical records >from Nezhin Ukraine where, during one year, it is
clear >from the Hebrew version that the grandfather was also listed because
the Hebrew version read the equivalent of Joseph ben Naum ben Girsh. If
you do not have a Hebrew language version, I would lean toward the father's
name being Naum-Girsh if it is hyphenated.
Herbert Lazerow
San Diego, CA

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