Remembering Norbert Brainin and the Amadeus String Quartet. #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Norbert Brainin, March 12th 1923, Vienna - April 10th 2005, London

As a great lover of chamber music, the announcement yesterday of Norbert
Brainin's death brought back many happy memories of concerts I attended in
London's Wigmore Hall and St John's Smith Square, of the legendary Amadeus
String Quartet.

Three of the members were Viennese [V]:
First violin; Norbert Brainin [V]
Second Violin: Siegmund {Sigi} Nissel [V]
Viola: Peter Schidlof [V]
Cello: Martin Lovett [UK]

There are many links to the Amadeus Quartet on the internet and you can read one
of Norbert's obituaries on [I highly recommend it!]:

NB this is one huge url - please copy and paste it all into your browser. It is
full of interesting details.

Here we read that the BRAININ family owned a fur business in Vienna: I have traced
only two BRAININs in Vienna in the 1930s and one was Gebruder BRAININ
Pelzmodellhaus - Bauernmarkt 2a, Vienna 1, which must be a direct hit. The other
is a Leo BRAININ.

We also read that Norbert had lost both his parents by 1938, which leads me to
the sad conclusion that these could be his father and mother [there are very few
BRAININs in the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna]:

Brainin, Sofie age 39 died 12.01.1938
Brainin, Adolf Abraham age 41 died 11.05.1931

A number of years ago, a member of this SIG wrote to me that they were linked
to Norbert Brainin, but in an uncharacteristic lapse of memory, I cannot remember
who it was. Randy Schoenberg has BRAININs on his family tree through a link with
another SIG member: Anne Feder Lee of Hawaii. I have also found BRAININs on the
Jewishgen Yizkor page:

You will be interested and amused to read the Freud section in this Yizkor book.

The nearest I can now get to a Brainin family tree - and this is definitely a
"first" on Austria-Czech, is the family tree of Norbert's violin:

However, having seen Norbert and the Amadeus in action many times, I think they
would all find this a fitting finale for Norbert - a wonderful violinist, with a
great sense of humour!

I remember him and the Amadeus with great joy.

Celia Male [UK]

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