Belarus SIG #Belarus LEAF nee LIEBERMAN nee LIFSCHITZ from Swislowitz Volkovysk Grodno #belarus


The original family surname was LIFSCHITZ (also many spellings) and in
Swislocz it was LIEBERMAN. My g-uncle was Joseph Osher LIFSCHITZ. He married
Basha Jazelov. Their daughter, Sarah, immigrated to the U.S. and changed
the name to LEAF as did the other children who immigrated. My dad, Sam I.
LEAF came over as Schaie LIEBERMAN and then assumed LEAF as Sarah sponsored
his arrival into the U.S. My Uncle Max also took LEAF. Uncle Morris retained
the surname LIEBERMAN.

Swislowitz is as my dad wrote it as where he was from. Svislach, Swislocz,
Svislocius, Svislac, Sislevitch, Sislevits, Svislovitch, Svislovitz,
Svislotch, Svislots are the same town with different pronunciations. Please

I have been searching for an English translation of a Svisloch Yizkor or a
Volkovysk book to find out what happened to my grandparents and my two
aunts, given names unknown. My grandparents were Alte Neome AIN and
Samson/Shimshon LIEBERMAN.

Please reply privately with information about the Yizkor books and how I can
view them, as well as other information and suggestions pertinent to my

Thank you very much.


Marietta, GA, U.S.A.


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