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I writing in the hope that someone can help me shed some light
on the BASHKIN/BASKIN family of Nesvizh.

Rikla (Rebecca) Bashkin (b. c1863) married Berel (Barnett) Prensky
(also >from Nesvizh) in about 1880 and they moved to the USA.
Pearl Bashkin, who may be Rikla's sister, (b. c1857) married
John Bloch (>from Novvy Zverzhen) in about 1876 and they moved to the UK.
I have searched the Nesvizh Yizkor book but did not see any
Bashkins/Baskins or Prenskys. I have found quite a lot of
information on the families after their arrival in the USA/UK
in the early 1900s, but nothing on the period before that.

I should be most grateful for any assistance.

Thank you and Best Wishes,

Lynne Porat (in Israel), John Bloch's great, great granddaughter.
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