Need suggestions for alternative surname for HOFFMAN on an 1850's passenger lis #usa


I am stumped on this one and have been doing this for 30 years. Even with
the additions of 60 million names on a major online database, I still can't
find the arrival of the following. I have tried all the logical variations on
for some more obscure possibilities.

George HOFFMAN born 1821, his wife Fannie (Fanny) LOEB Hoffman born 1820,
daughter Lena (Lina) HOFFMAN born 1849. With them may have been a Solomon
HOFFMAN, born about 1839, who was in their household in 1860

Date of arrival in 1854/1855. Son Jacob born Aug 1855 in Bamberg, SC.
Family came >from the Breslau/Lissa area of Germany. A hard to read death
certificate lists a town that looks like Kirchlinde. Any idea what/where the
town is?

Bavaria and Prussia most often seen in census data. Given their SC sojourn,
they could have come via a port other than NYC.

First evidence of them is Barnwell CO, Springtown, SC for 1860 census as HOFFMAN.

I believe they came as a family unit.

The 1900 census is very clear that they were in US 45 years and married 46 years.

1870 census was Florence, Grant Twp, Darlington Co., SC. By 1872 was in
Lancaster, PA. He was a merchant/tailor.

If I can have some surname suggestions, I will find them. With new database,
I recently found my LEVY family coming over as LAPSER. Go figure.

Thanks. David Brener, Fargo, ND BRENERDA@...

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