Belarus SIG #Belarus New Minsk Records Available For Translation #belarus


The Belarus SIG has recently gotten access to some records >from Minsk that
are not in the archives in Minsk and have not been filmed by the Family
History Library. These records are primarily for Minsk City, but some of
them also include a few shtetls in Minsk District.

Some of the records included are:
1. birth records 1866 Zaslsavye
2. death records 1867 (some months) Minsk
3. birth records 1879-1900 and 1906 and 1917 Minsk
4. birth records 1890 (incomplete) Rokov
5, marriage records 1907 Ostroshitskiy Gorodok
6. death records 1908 Kaminsk
7. marriage records 1914 Minsk
8. In addition to these metrical records, tax records, conscription lists,
and resident lists are also available.

If you want to make sure these records are translated and made available
for your personal research, please make a generous donation to the Minsk
Gubernia: Revision Lists and Metrical Records Project by going to:

Scroll down the page till you find the project.

Thank you in advance for your generous donations.

David Fox
Belarus SIG Founder and Past Coordinator

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