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Just located some Websites that have good information (once
translated) for Belarus - some history, lots of recent photos (rivers,
towns, countryside, Jewish cemeteries and other sites, etc.), and some
links to maps, travel info, etc. Use the Google Translator feature if
you don't read Russian (or is it Belarussian?). (Google translator) (this one doesn't need a translator)

Another good resource is Wikipedia, of course, but you can also dig
deeper than just the particular page you are viewing. There are many
links to photos (>from the first photo) and references to related

Gene Richards,
Fresno, California

GREJCER Rechki, Kurenets, Vilyeyka, Barysaw in Belarus.
GORDON Rechki, Kurenets in Belarus.
KUGEL Rechki, Kurenets, Vilyeyka in Belarus.
RICHARDS Nebraska, Colorado and California.

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