Belarus SIG #Belarus More Tomek Wisniewski films: Pinsk, Minsk, Hrodna, et al #belarus


I have added twenty new short films created by Tomek Wisniewski.

The following are the towns represented in these films (including some about
towns in today's Belarus): Bialystok, Rajgrod, Krynki, Wysokie Mazowieckie,
Hrodna (Grodno), Berestovitsa (Vyalikaya Byerastavitsa), Pinsk, Vilnius,
Pultusk, Grodek, Sokoly, Dywin (Divin), Klewan (Klivan), Merzhausen, and
Minsk. Find the links to all these films and many more (now more than one
hundred) at . The links to
these films are arranged alphabetically by town. There are more films about
towns in Belarus on the master list of Tomek's work on the aforementioned

Hope to see you at the August D. C. conference!

Steven Lasky

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