Belarus SIG #Belarus Please help with this Viewmate translation request - not sure of the language, maybe Russian #belarus

saweinsteinbsme@... has an
image >from LDS microfilm 1496889. According to the index, it should be
a record of the death of Golda L. Hardbrod.

1. What language is it?
2. What was her date of birth? If the date of birth is not given, then
how old was she?
3. Who were her parents?
4. If married, what were her maiden name and her husband's name and age?
5. If indicated, what were her children's names and ages?
6. If her name or her husband's name is written in the traditional
Russian way (given name, patronymic, surname), what is the patronymic?

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, California
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