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Don Simon wrote
Does anyone know if there are marriage records for Rakov, Belarus for the
While I am not aware of marriage records for Rakov, I am aware of the
existence of Rakov birth records for January to March 1890. These records
are included in the Minsk District (Uyzd) that are currently being
translated. However, they can only be translated if enough people make

In order to continue this translation project, WE NEED LARGE DONATIONS OF
FUNDS to the Minsk Gubernia: Revision Lists and Metrical Records Project
which is the 10th project listed on:

To make a contribution, please go to the URL above and make a generous
contribution. Those who make a contribution of at least $100 will receive an
Excel file with translated records. Generally, there is a time time lag of
12 months >from the time records are translated and the time they appear in
the JewishGen Belarus Database. So if you want more timely access to these
records, please make a donation to the project above. Donations to the
Belarus SIG general fund or other JewishGen project are very important, but
do not qualify for getting the advanced Excel files for the Minsk District


David Fox
Belarus SIG Founder & Past Coordinator
Arnold, Maryland, USA

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