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Zolty family in Grodno in 1937 and 1939

I give you informations about Abram and Icek Zolty
in Grodno (Belarus ) in 1937 (see : ). In 1937 Abram Zolty
(born in 1893) and Bejla (born in 1890) lived at the same address. Perhaps
married ? This is >from records of 1939. Abram and Bejla Zolty lived in
Orzeszkowej street 18, this street exists still today. Abram was a

Icek Zolty lived in Vitoldowa street 25, Icek
Was a pharmacist. I have no birthdate for him. The Witoldwa street became
Bankowa street and today it's the Sotsialistiticheskaya sreet.

Josiel Zolty (born 1886) >from Zdunska 3 street
is >from a list of Jewish craftsmen compiled for the Germans (Nazis) in
Oct-Nov 1941.

On the Yizkor book of Yad Vashem, there is not
Abram, Bejla, Icek and Josiel Zolty.

I would like to have their place of birth and
their place of death. I have written in National Historical Archives of
Belarus in Grodno, but I don't have a positive answer.

Best regards,

Franck d'Almeida Zolty
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