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Dear Minsk uyzed researchers,

Today I emailed three Excel files to those people who have contributed a
least $100 to Minsk Gubernia: Revision Lists and Metrical Records Project
found on the Jewishgenerosity page:

These files were:
Minsk Births 1880
Minsk Births 1906
Minsk Jews who did not pay taxes in 1835

I do not have all the email addresses of the people who contributed at least
$100 to the above project. If you did not receive the files, please email me
by private email and include a copy of the receipt you received from
Jewishgenerosity. I will then email the files to you.

The translation of the 1917 Minsk birth records of about 1,100 births is
about half completed. This set of records is very significant because the
parents of the child include people who moved to Minsk >from Poland and
Western Belarus because of the effects of WWI.

I encourage all Minsk researchers to contribute generously to the above
project so that we can continue to translate the many remaining records.


David Fox
Belarus SIG Founder & Past Coordinator
Arnold, Maryland, USA

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