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As many of the SIG Members may have noticed, Marilyn Robinson has been
posting information of the past 18 months about information she has found on
Russian language websites. If you use the Chrome web browser, it easily
translates the Russian webpages into English. While the translations are
pretty good, they are not perfect.

Below is a list of stones found found in the Orsha Jewish Cemetery located
on Engels Street. The person who posted this information on the Russian
forum indicated that they had photos of the stones. This would be a great
addition to JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry. If someone will
volunteer to put the data into the template at: and contact the
person who created the list to see if they would be willing to donate the
photos, please let me know. The original Russian version of the document as
well as the name of the submitter can be found at:
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The Jewish cemetery in the town of Orsha Vitebsk region today(up to 1919
Mogilev province).Located on the street Engels. Alper Nakhimovich Moses,
1885-1952 Aronov Abram Lazarevic, 1906-1984 Berin-Zhytomyr Sarah Aronovna,
16.02.1908-5.11.1972 Berman Leyvicha Aronovich, 1873-1953 Blyakher Ruvimovna
Sophia, 1893-1975 Weber ur Girshevich, mind.1918 Vigdergauz Abel Aronovich
1874-1955 Gableva (Gable) Maria Samuilovna Gaskin B. Mann, 1945-1953.
Gelman, 1893-1958 Goshmer Mikhail Borisovich, 08.28.1953, died
3.04.19? Droznik Morduhovna Rachel, 1897-1990 Dymshits Mordukhovich Samuel
,1897-1970 Erukhimovich Boris Sholomovich, ind. 1936 Chava Y. Ioffe,
1898-1982 Kagantsov Ilya Ilich, 1912-1985 Kaz Meylahovich Zalman,
1902-1967 Kegeles Fesya Nohumovna, 1898-1961 (7) Kegeles Nahum,
1922-1954Levitan Wolfe Naumovich, 1880 (9) -1952 Livshits Movsha
Mordukhovich, 1875-1959 Lotosh Mordukh Movshevich, 1860-1935 Lotosh Reuben
Mordukhovich 1898-1960 Lotosh Semyon Abramovich, 18? -1952Malkin Abelevich
Zalman, 1857-1959 Marin Z.B, 1858-1859 - 12/02/1925 Node Hesya Abramovna
1880-26.08.1960 Rosenblum Shmuilovna Hien, 1890-1951 Rebekah Joseph Rosa,
18.08.1897.-18.09.1952. Rivkin (a) Measure Samodumskaya Issakovna,
1879-1937 Svistunov Abram Isakovich 1895-15.06.1963 Svistunov Lazar
Isakovich , 1896-1956 Serman Meyer Evseyevich,
1881-20.02.1960. Stekolschikova Hai Genuhovna, 1885-20.05.19? Tronic
Maryasya Aronovna, 06.11.1904-16.01.1977 Tronic Samoilovna Faina,
29.12.1926-06.01.1973 Finkina discontinuity Isaevna the
mind. 01/06/1958 Finkin, Joseph Sholomovich, 21.09.1888-17.03.1970. Finkin
Zalman Aaron Chernyak Isaevich Half Shmuylovich Leiba, 1894-1957 Tsypin
MK-1916-1960 LA Schechtman, um.1934 Mr.=A0Shteyngart M.I .,
um.1946g.Shteyngart Geneh Aronovich, 1873-1953 G.SH Factor, 1868-1938H.SH
Factor, 1879-1936...... Elka nskaya Yudovna, 1889-26.08.1960 few more
names.The names of these people are either absent or virtually can not be
read..Mordechai, son of Benjamin.Presumably the common grave of Sara
Rivka daughter of Reb Moshe Yitzhak Blumin (?) Aharon Ben Zalkind
Mindlin His wife, the daughter of Reb Moshe Hai Yitzhak girl Hein Rogelio
Reb Moshe Yitzhak Hefetz boy son of Yitzhak Levy Moiyshi huh Blumin (Blumin
rather than Blumkin) .Feiga Daatau (?), The daughter of Rabbi Baruch Cohen

A, d.November 1, 1913..Yosef Yitzchak.Last name ends with "... drive"=
or the feminine (ending the same way).Probably - the son of Abraham
(Abram).There are photos of gravestones.


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