Belarus SIG #Belarus August,1937-October, 1938: Lists of Jews Killed in Butovo/Moscow Region (Victims of Repression) #belarus

Marilyn Robinson

The lists on this site represent "...73 nationalities, all religions,
all classes...." The total number of Jews & non-Jews executed is 20,760.

There are lists in Russian & Bulgarian. You can search by nationality
(Jew, Jewess, Polish Jew, Russian [Jewish], or do a personal search by
entering the information in the appropriate boxes (I don't know if you
can enter the information in English). The information includes Names,
DOB, Birth Place, DOD, "Extras, more information" (these are numbers,
but I don't know what they represent)
"Jew" has a list of 705 names (in Russian)-
Some of the birth places include: Latvia, Manchuria, Kovno, Odessa,
Kherson, Moscow, Poltava, Vitebsk, Poland, Ukraine, Grodno, Ufa,
Krasnoyarsk, Germany, Bucharest, Warsaw, Kiev, Romania, Rostov-on-Don,
Poltava, Harbin, Gomel, Minsk, Bessarabia, Bialystok, Bulgaria,
Chisinau, Sevastopol, Lodz, Austria, Chita, Siberia, Mogilev, Moldavia,

"Jewess" has a list of 55 names (in
Birth Places include: Ukraine, China, Poland, Belarus, etc.

"Polish Jew" two lists with total of 8 names (in Russian)

"Russian [Jewish]--list of five names (in Russian)

Background information for the executions can be found at: or

Marilyn Robinson

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