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I am researching my paternal grandmother's family who were called GOLDBAUM
in all the UK records. She came to England with her parents and siblings
sometime after 1904, when the last sibling was born in Russia. They settled
in Mile End, London and my great grandfather was a presser in the garment
industry. In the 1911 census, my grandmother's place of birth is given as
Yurevichi, Russia. Her parents' census just said Russia.

I haven't found any GOLDBAUMs in the records for that area but lots of
Goldbergs in a list of most used names. However, I doubt this mistake would
have been made by the family.

I have noticed a place called Yurkevichi, near Odessa. As my paternal
grandfather came >from Odessa, I am wondering if my grandmother's family came
from there.
Can anyone throw any light on GOLDBAUM >from Yurevichi?

Many thanks.

Wendy Freebourne, Bath UK
Researching GOLDBAUM
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