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Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Dear Arthur,

Unless those records were translated in the Belarus CD translations, on the
static pages of Belarus SIG, you will need to order the Mogilev Crown Rabbinate
records (seven rolls of microfilm) >from the Family History Center in
Salt Lake City. However, you might be in a location that has them permanently
(like Las Vegas NV for which I was responsible in getting a permanent set
there as I worked through the entire series).

Your researcher needs to know both Cyrillic (old) and Yiddish/Hebrew, as the
entries are in both languages. Many of the entries are scribbles, while some
are beautiful in calligraphy. One needs both languages as details are often
different in both.

That index was compiled >from the records itself by the officials in Mogilev
at the time the records were prepared, and only lists the father's name, not
the child's name. The actual records are very good, if you can read them
(both languages!).

Good luck!

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico, US

TALALAY/AI/AJ: Mogilev, Vorotinshtina, Gorki BELARUS;=A0Moscow, St. Petersburg
RUSSIA, Novgorod-Severskiy UKR; Siberia, US, Canada, Israel, Europe, Spain,etc.

"Arthur Sissman wrote:

Subject: Fw: Mogilev Birth Index for Boys, 1864-1894

I have found my great grandfather's name in reference to my
grandfather and great uncle on this index. There is a reference here to=20
being able to get the specific references that are on microfilm. I believe
I know someone who can translate the Russian. Whom do I contact to try
and get the specific references below:
/Belarus/mogilevb.htm Birth Year LDS Microfilm Film Item Fond Series
File Index Father 1882 #1920799 5 3362 1 14 310 Nokhim-Ruvin 1882
cont #1920800 1 3362 1 14 1885-1886 #1920800 3 3362 1 18 391 Nokhim-Ruvin=

Arthur Sissman"


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